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    Do I have to already be in shape?

    Definitely not. Our classes will get you in shape! They are a great cross training workout, and may students find the workout far more interesting than a treadmill or lifting weights.

    Do I have to have previous experience?

    No. We offer several classes that are only for beginners, as well as all levels classes. Students find our instructors patient and very helpful. We do not choose our teachers only based on just physical ability. They must be patient, good communicators, like teaching, and have in depth knowledge of their art in order to teach at Kaizen BJJ Plymouth.

    I have previous injuries- am I going to aggravate the old injuries?

    Many students have injuries and limitations they have to work around. Whether it is a bad shoulder from high school football, back issues, or any health challenge, we ask that students tell the instructors what challenges they must work around. Our goal is for you to become a highly accomplished martial artist and more healthy. Do not let fear of getting hurt or embarrassed stop you. We train by the Machado creed, “Leave your ego at the door.” Our goal is to develop your confidence by learning the basics first, then gradually working your way into sparring. Students do sparring when they are ready and want to spar standing and on the ground. And we have found that students learn better when they are having fun.

    Why Kaizen BJJ Plymouth?

    We are one of the leading schools in the midwest because of our instructors, programs offered, schedule, facility, and our “leave your ego at the door” training philosophy.

    Am I required to compete?

    No, but you will have the option of competing. Students have the option of competing if they want. Some of our students like to compete in gi (uniform) and / or no gi submission grappling tournaments, some Judo, and some in Muay Thai. Check out our training network of affiliated schools, of which our Owner and Head Instructor-Ryan Fiorenzi, founded: the Midwest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Alliance.

    How much does it cost to join Kaizen BJJ Plymouth?

    Your introductory private lesson is free, and you will receive 30 days free training by signing up online for your introductory lesson.  After your introductory private class, we will go over all the membership options, as well as the schedule in detail.

    Do you have programs for children and for women only?

    Yes we do. We have women only classes for women that are not comfortable training in the regular classes. Visit our Women’s classes and Children’s Classespages.

    I don’t live close to Plymouth, but I want to come train occasionally. Is that possible?

    We have several students that drive more than an hour one way to train with us. We do have options for people that live more than an hour away, or out of state.

    I live far away, but I would like to test for rank and or have my students tested for rank in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Can I do that?

    We have several martial arts schools that have added BJJ to their curriculum, or already had BJJ and wanted to strengthen their program and get their students ranked, as well as be a part of the Midwest BJJ Alliance.

    How do I become an instructor at Kaizen BJJ Plymouth?

    We have very high standards for instructors at Kaizen BJJ Plymouth, and not everyone is accepted. Students must have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of the art, as well as have a strong desire to help others. They must also have good communication and people skills. And as a martial arts instructor, teachers must be a good example outside of the dojo.