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    Belt Testing For Kids: Lessons About Life


    Belt testing for kids at martial arts schools can be a controversial topic.

    The reason why is that some martial arts schools have figured out that doing a lot of belt tests, without worrying about the quality of the students, can be a big money maker.  Students that keep getting new ranks stay on an emotional high, parents pay for the tests, and they tend not to quit.  

    Many schools do this because of advice that one of the big martial arts billing companies has given them: martial arts schools should be like public high schools.  They should have very high graduation rates, and not having high graduation rates is a failure of the school.  They also believe in a 4 year graduation – achieving black belt (some now even do a 2.5 year black belt – but that’s for another article.)

    These schools are referred to as “McDojos.” (more…)

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    Kid’s Belt Testing Homework: The 5 Enemies

    Kaizen BJJ Plymouth 

    Kid’s Life Skills Homework: 

    The 5 Enemies


    Note to Parents:  This is a requirement for Junior Warriors to test for their next belt.  Your child may need help with some of the concepts and vocabulary in this lesson.    


    You are your own best friend and you are your own worst enemy.  If you get good grades, you are the one who worked to get those grades.  If you get bad grades, it was your responsibility. (more…)

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    Advice For A New BJJ White Belt

    Depending on where you train, as a beginner in BJJ you may start rolling (full resistance sparring) in your first class, or you may have wait a few months.

    Either way, at some point in your Jiu-Jitsu training, you will be rolling with 100% resistance with other students.

    All new BJJ students get tapped alot.  If you accept that now, your training is going to be a lot easier. (more…)

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    The Best Health Food Stores In The Plymouth Area

    The Connection Between Diet and BJJ / Martial Arts Training

    Most students that train at Kaizen BJJ Plymouth are looking for a few things:

      • To get in shape.
      • To learn self defense.
      • To relieve stress, have fun, and have an activity outside of work and/or school.

    When most people think about getting in shape, they usually think about strength training, and getting better cardio.

    But they are missing a HUGE part of the what they will need to be successful.


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    Kaizen BJJ Monkey T Shirts!

    We have a new t-shirt design (long and short sleeve) and a lot of different summer colors!

    Cost and Volume Discounts

    The cost of each t-shirt is $25 ($30 for long sleeves) for the first one, 10% off the entire total if you order two, 15% off the entire total if you order three, and 20% off the entire total if you order three or more!

    We have sample colors and sizes at the dojo.  

    If you would like to place an order, we have order forms for you to fill out, and we will let everyone know when your shirts arrive.

    You also place your order at the school by giving Kristi a call.  


    Adult BJJ T-Shirts- 13 Colors Available (short sleeve and long sleeve):


    Heather Red


    Long Sleeve Irish Green


    Ocean Blue


    Long Sleeve White

    Heather Green

    Kelly Green

    Deep Heather

    Long Sleeve Sport Grey



    If you can’t  see the kid’s t-shirts, click “continue reading” below.


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    Steve Keckan’s “How to Beat the Big Guy” Seminar

    Last Saturday, June 1st, Steve Keckan taught a great seminar.

    Steve is 165 lbs and regularly beats big guys.  Not just big guys, but big guys WITH technique!

    One concept that he taught that I rarely hear is: as a smaller guy, sometimes you have to move faster and avoid your partner’s power.  But sometimes you have to move slow and keep everything tight.

    And you will see that when you watch him roll.

    If you missed the seminar, at least you can see how it ended.  Steve choked out everyone (except for his baby neice in the background- she has really good choke defense!)

    Steve Keckan

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    Renzo Gracie Gets In A Streetfight


    You can view an article about the incident here, but according to

    Renzo Gracie, along cousins Igor and Gregor Gracie and MMA fighter Rafael Barbosa and three other men, was accused of assaulting a bouncer at the club, and to have broken his arm during the fight. Renzo was released early on Tuesday after posting bail of $ 10,000. Others involved in the melee should be released on Tuesday (20).


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