Get Started

Most people are nervous to try their first class. They’re usually afraid of 3 things because they don’t want to:

  • get hurt
  • be embarrassed
  • slow down the class because they don’t know the techniques


We have a beginner-friendly environment because we have developed systems for preventing these problems, which include:

  • beginner classes
  • a relaxed and friendly environment
  • a culture of mutual helpfulness where everyone is trying to help everyone else get better

Your First Class

If you arrive for your first class at night, there will usually be kid’s classes finishing up, so it will be loud with a lot of energy. One of our staff will greet you and get you a gi (uniform) to borrow if you’re trying out a gi class.

Next they will introduce you to the instructor, and usually other students will walk up and say hi to you. The instructor will announce that class is starting, and all you have to do is follow directions. Usually higher rank students will be giving you tips and guiding you as you go through the class.

Most of our classes use the following format:

  1. warm up
  2. technique repetition
  3. resistance/ live rolling

After Class

After your class, if our Program Director is available, she’ll sit down with you and go over the schedule, pricing, and answer any questions you have. If she’s not available, she’ll contact you the next day to set up a time to go over the pricing and schedule.

Get Started

To get started, choose a time and class that you would like to try, and you’ll receive an email confirmation of the day and time of your appointment. If you’re unable to make it, please email us at, or text us at 734.224.4255. You can then just set up another appointment online.

If you want, you can invite anyone to come try out the class with you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!